New to F45

We offer a 2 week Trial at just $49 across both our studios Bukit Timah (BT) and South Buona Vista (SBV). This gives you 2 full weeks to try as many classes as you like, try out both studios. Go to the "About" tab to get purchase your trial then book into your first class. The best way to book in from then on is to use the "F45 Training Glofox" app.


I haven't done F45 before, can you tell me a bit more?

First of all, rest assured that F45 is genuinely suitable for all levels of fitness - we have 16 to 60+ year olds from all walks of life.

The basis of the F45 classes is that M, W, F classes are cardio and the other days (other than Saturdays) are strength and resistance. Saturdays are a mixture of the two.

If it's been a while since you worked out, you are starting exercise for the first time or your fitness level is low, we recommend starting on a Tuesday or Thursday as strength and resistance days are slightly less strenuous than cardio days.

Saturdays are 1hr, versus all other days/class 45mins - so maybe avoid a Saturday as your first class. But if you're a regular fitness person then come along whenever.

What if I can't keep up?

Unlike normal bootcamps there is no need to "keep up" as all exercises are done at your own pace and to your own intensity. In addition, the whole room is never doing the same exercise so noone else really notices what you are doing! Focus on the TVs at the front of the screen which show all exercises and our instructors will also come around and offer support, motivation and adjustments, as required.  Remember that you're in charge of how hard you go and you'll quickly find your limits/baseline... and then we'll help you get stronger and fitter and faster, whatever your fitness goals are.  Our studios truly have a "family" feel and our members are very welcoming to new people coming into our F45 Family.

When does my Trial Start?

The 2 weeks starts from the first class you book into. It does not start from the date of purchase. Try to come as much as possible and try all the different types of classes so get a true feel for what F45 is about.

What time should I arrive?

For your first class come at least 15mins early - if you have any pre-existing injuries or medical considerations then tell our Trainer and they can discuss with you before the class.

After that 5 minutes before class starts is ideal. The classes start on time, we can't/don't wait and you miss out on your exercise and can disrupt the class so please try to be punctual!

What do I need to bring?

Come in your gym clothes (shorts, leggings, top, socks, shoes) and we strongly suggest you bring a water bottle pre-filled.

What do you provide in the gym

Exercise Towels, Water coolers (to refill your bottles), bathroom and showering facilities with soap/shampoo, deodorant and bath towels.

Do you have showers?

Yes: and we provide bath towels, soap/shampoo, hair dryer, deodorant

Can I do a double (or even triple) class?

I don't know - do you have the stamina?!

Jokes aside we're happy for people to get as much exercise as their body and fitness goals desire; but we also need to ensure everyone gets a chance to train.

We allow people to only book in for 1 class per day. If you want to do other classes then book for the busiest class and turn up for the one before/stay for the next and if there's space or no-shows you can take that slot.

Is there car parking?

Yes - both studios have car-parking available.

What Public transport is available?

Bus and Train - see how do I get there for more details for each studio

How do I get there?

Bukit Timah

You can see the map under Contact Us section. It's right ontop of King Albert Park MRT and has ample parking in the Sime Darby Centre on the ground level or up the ramp to Level 2

Take the lift at the front of the building to Level 5 and look for the F45 Sign.

(If you park at Level 2 walk past Originals to the front of the building, don't take the lifts at the back).

South Buona Vista

The closest MRTs are Haw Par Villa (700m) and Pasir Panjang (800m) - both Yellow line.

There a lots of direct busses that stop right out front (15229 heading East:  15221 Heading West: i.e. 10, 30, 51 143, 188, 200)

There is a great little open-air carpark right out front.

Membership Details

We have lots of different Membership types and packages to suit every need at both our studios BT and SBV

Recurring subscription Memberships

Recurring memberships are subscriptions - they automatically recur on the frequency listed. You can cancel at any time given the requisite notice period. The longer your time commitment the greater the discount in pricing you get.

Weekly - $75

Monthly - $312 (equivalent $72 a week)

3 Months - $875 (equivalent $67.50 a week)

6 Months - $1,690 (equivalent $65 a week)

Single Payment Purchases

There are as the name says, a single payment purchase.S

1 Class Pass - $40

10 Class Pass (6 weeks Expiry) - $350

10 Class Exec Pass (10 weeks Expiry) - $485

1 week Access - $83

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